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Here are all the important information that you have to read before starting to roleplay on the forum.
This is the place where you can create your character or see the ones of the other players.
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Here you can find a lot of useful information concerning the lore of the Macropolis. Reading this is not obligatory but will still apply to your roleplays. It's the comprehensive lore of our story.


The old order that led humanity underground and built the Macropolis. Initially almighty, they progressively lost their influence with the rise of other factions. Even if they're not what they used to be, they are still controlling a big part of the city.
INSIDE: Area 01
A younger and smaller community that should not be underestimated. The Freaks see themselves as the voice of the population. A population that has been used and oppressed for decades. They fight with spite and determination a system that never brought anything good to its people.
INSIDE: Area 46
The biggest faction active right now. Their power comes from their control over most of the primary and secondary resources of the city. They are also the main organ of research of the Macropolis. Most of their military force is composed of androids.
INSIDE: Area 42
A rogue faction. Some deny their existence, but nothing is safe from their hidden influence. Controlling the Red Plague, which is constantly growing and evolving, this community that has been hunted down and slaughtered in the past now wants its revenge. Their intentions are cryptic but one thing is certain: they are very dangerous, and will have no mercy for the city that turned their life into a nightmare.
INSIDE: Area 77
The lowest level of the Macropolis, partly flooded, and connected to all the 128 areas of the city. It is a dangerous place, feared by the majority of the population. Some people even call it Hell. This place is infamous for its slave traffic, fishing the unlucky that fell from the living areas. The Pit is also the lair of many infected, animal or human, that became true monstruosities over the years.
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